basher bash package manager

Basher usage

basherpm/basher is one of the best package managers for the bash scripting language. basher allows you to use bash packages in the simplest way:

# install a new package and use it right away
$ basher install <author>/<package>

# uninstall a package
$ basher uninstall <author>/<package>

# update a package to the latest version
$ basher upgrade <author>/<package>

# update all package to the latest version
$ basher upgrade --all

# list all installed packages
$ basher list
# list all upgradeable packages
$ basher outdated


$ basher install pforret/note
Cloning into '$HOME/.basher/cellar/packages/pforret/note'...

# the script is immediately available as a new command-line tool
$ note
Program: note 1.3.1 by
Updated: May  1 18:16:22 2021
Description: keep track of daily notes

$ basher uninstall pforret/note

Installing basher

$ curl -s | bash

there’s also a step-by-step procedure on basherpm/basher

for script authors