basher bash package manager

package manager for bash scripts

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basher helps you quickly install, uninstall and update bash packages from the command line, in the same way composer does for PHP packages, npm for node.js packages, apt for Linux tools.

bash package manager

$ basher install pforret/note
# that's it! 
# the bash script is installed and can be used immediately
  • Check the usage for details on how to install/uninstall/update packages with basher.

install basher

$ curl -s | bash

there’s also a step-by-step procedure on basherpm/basher

Directory of basher packages

What bash packages can you install with basher? Basher doesn’t require packages to register before they can be used. If a bash package is organised in a logical way, basher will know how to install it. Still, here are some popular (or not) examples of packages that can be installed with basher.

Some background