basher bash package manager

For bash authors

Is my bash package basher install compatible?

  • there should be 1 or more executable bash scripts in either the root or the bin/ folder of the repository
  • your script was written in bash, although inside the script there might be calls to chunks of awk, python, php. The main script should be a .sh file.
  • the script(s) can run on the command line, they’re not meant to be sourced in another script
  • there is no special action to do upon installation (like adding commands to .zshrc/.bashrc startup scripts) before the script can be used
  • the program is self-contained (all the code is in 1 file), or it can find its dependent libraries even if the main script is a symbolic link to the actual program, since this is how basher works. (source $(dirname "$0")/ will not work)

basher install shield

If you’ve also developed a script that can be installed with basher install, feel free to add this shield to your repo and link back to this site.

basher install

This is the markdown you need:

[![basher install](](