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basher install

## To install this package with basher
$ basher install zertrin/


Bash wrapper script for automated backups with duplicity supporting Amazon’s S3 online storage as well as other storage destinations (ftp, rsync, sftp, local storage…).

Usage [options]

-c, --config CONFIG_FILE   specify the config file to use

    -b, --backup               runs an incremental backup
    -f, --full                 forces a full backup
    -v, --verify               verifies the backup
    -e, --cleanup              cleanup the backup (eg. broken sessions), by default using
                               duplicity --force flag, use --dry-run to actually log what
                               will be cleaned up without removing (see man duplicity
                               > ACTIONS > cleanup for details)
    -l, --list-current-files   lists the files currently backed up in the archive
    -s, --collection-status    show all the backup sets in the archive

        --restore [PATH]       restores the entire backup to [path]
        --restore-file [FILE_TO_RESTORE] [DESTINATION]
                               restore a specific file
        --restore-dir [DIR_TO_RESTORE] [DESTINATION]
                               restore a specific directory

    -t, --time TIME            specify the time from which to restore or list files
                               (see duplicity man page for the format)

    --backup-script            automatically backup the script and secret key(s) to
                               the current working directory

    -n, --dry-run              perform a trial run with no changes made
    -d, --debug                echo duplicity commands to logfile

    -V, --version              print version information about this script and duplicity