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basher install

## To install this package with basher
$ basher install pforret/splashmark


Download unsplash pics and

Usage search examples/night.jpg night -w 720 -c 400 search examples/sunny.jpg sunny -w 720 -c 400 -q 25 -p "Times-Roman" search examples/cocktail.jpg cocktail -w 720 -c 480 -e light -r 660066 search examples/horse.jpg horse -w 600 -c 600 -p "AvantGarde-Demi" -q 16 -e median,paint,grain  search examples/steak.gif steak --width 400 --effect grain,bw,light --fontcolor 333333 search examples/puppy.png puppy -w 800 -c 240 -e dark,blur,grain -h 75 -g West -i "This is Paris" search examples/paris.jpg paris