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basher install

## To install this package with basher
$ basher install pforret/progressbar


Easy, clever progress bar for (bash) scripts


Program: progressbar 1.0.0 by
Updated: Dec  1 14:39:22 2020
Usage: progressbar [-h] [-q] [-v] [-f] [-l <log_dir>] [-t <tmp_dir>] [-b <bar>] <action> <input>
Flags, options and parameters:
    -h|--help      : [flag] show usage [default: off]
    -q|--quiet     : [flag] no output [default: off]
    -v|--verbose   : [flag] output more [default: off]
    -f|--force     : [flag] do not ask for confirmation (always yes) [default: off]
    -l|--log_dir <val>: [optn] folder for log files   [default: log]
    -t|--tmp_dir <val>: [optn] folder for temp files  [default: /tmp/progressbar]
    -b|--bar <val>: [optn] format of bar: normal/half/long/short  [default: normal]
    <action>  : [parameter] lines/seconds
    <input>   : [parameter] input number or operation identifier