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basher install

## To install this package with basher
$ basher install pforret/note


Manage your notes, todo, … with this nifty script CLI/bash


Program: note 1.1.1 by
Updated: 2020-12-14 23:00
Usage: note [-h] [-q] [-v] [-f] [-n <note_dir>] [-l <log_dir>] <action> <input …>
Flags, options and parameters:
-h|--help      : [flag] show usage [default: off]
-q|--quiet     : [flag] no output [default: off]
-v|--verbose   : [flag] output more [default: off]
-f|--force     : [flag] do not ask for confirmation (always yes) [default: off]
-n|--note_dir <val>: [optn] folder for note files   [default: /home/forretp/.note]
-l|--log_dir <val>:  [optn] folder for log files    [default: /home/forretp/.note/.log]
<action>  : [parameter] action to perform: add/edit/find/list/paste/show
<input>   : [parameter] text to add (optional)

* use `note add XYZ` to add one line/thought to your note file
  note add "line of text"
* use `note find XYZ` to find a word/phrase in your note files
  note find "DEVL"
* use `note edit` to open your current note file in your default editor
  note edit
* use `note list` to show a list of all your note files with some stats
  note list
* use `note paste` to paste the clipboard into your note file
  note paste
* use `note show` to show today's note file
  note show