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basher install

## To install this package with basher
$ basher install laurent22/rsync-time-backup


Time Machine style backup with rsync.


Usage: [OPTION]... <[USER@HOST:]SOURCE> <[USER@HOST:]DESTINATION> [exclude-pattern-file]

-p, --port           SSH port.
-h, --help           Display this help message.
--rsync-get-flags    Display the default rsync flags that are used for backup.
--rsync-set-flags    Set the rsync flags that are going to be used for backup.
--log-dir            Set the log file directory. If this flag is set, generated files will
not be managed by the script - in particular they will not be
automatically deleted.
--strategy           Set the expiration strategy. Default: "1:1 30:7 365:30" means after one
day, keep one backup per day. After 30 days, keep one backup every 7 days.
After 365 days keep one backup every 30 days.
--no-auto-expire     Set option to disable automatically purging old backups when out of space.